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Healthy Weight Gain


It’s officially summer which means … swimsuit season. I’m sure many of you are quivering in your seats thinking about wearing a teeny, tiny, yellow polka-dot bikini. But, I’m not here to talk to you about how to get skinny or get a six-pack. 

This Tip of the Week is to answer the question, “How do I gain weight?” While it may seem out of the norm for most, it is a desire for many. No haters.

  • Eat Consistently 
    • Consuming regular meals and snacks will be key to packing on those pounds. Whether you are an athlete in training, always on your feet, or have a speedy metabolism, it is crucial to feed your body early and often. The rule of thumb here is to replace your losses. You’ve probably heard the formula “calories in = calories out.” However, in order to gain weight, calories in should exceed calories out (i.e. calories in > calories out). Consider eating every 2-3 hours to meet your calorie goals. Meet with your local Fit Foods nutritionist to determine your specific nutritional recommendations.
  • Choose Regular Sizes
    • “What size should I get?” Opting for those regular size meals which are slightly higher in calories will help you meet your high energy needs. Your body is constantly supplying energy to your working muscles. Therefore, having a greater storage form of energy, or calories, will allow your body to pull from the proper (storage) sources rather than your much desired, lean body tissue #gains.
  • Supplement with Protein
    • Are you grinding at the gym? Consider consuming a protein shake or powder within 90 minutes of your training session. This boost of protein will aid your recovery and help build lean body mass. We guarantee you will notice a difference walking into your next training session! Have you tried our Iconic grass-fed protein shakes? Ask any of our Fit Foods coaches for high quality protein recommendations. 
  • Add Healthy Fats
    • Stock up on a variety of healthy fat sources that make the best additions to your Fit Foods meals. We recommend the following grocery list: avocado, nut butter, flaxseed, and healthy oils (olive, coconut). These foods pack a calorie punch in addition to their vitamin & mineral concentrations. Think about adding a tablespoon of nut butter to your Oatbake, avocado to your Asian Salad, or flaxseed to your Raspberry Parfait. Experiment with different combinations and have fun doing so! Such ingredients will only add boost of flavor!

We understand that you’ve probably tried diets x,y,z, and just about nothing has worked. That you may feel frustrated, or even defeated. But, you’ve heard, “it takes a village.” It takes accountability. It takes a person like you – a highly motivated individual to walk into The Fit Foods to speak to a person like me – a Dietitian whose purpose is fueled by your success. Together, we will eliminate any frustration, provide a support team, and help you reach your goals! Are you ready?! 

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